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About Vermont Soap Organics

Vermont Soap Organics makes all natural green cleaning products and personal care products such as Bath and Shower gel, natural foaming soap, and chemical free house cleaners. Vermont Soap knows a lot about saponification. What is saponification, you ask? No, it’s not just a funny word: it is the process of turning oils—the stuff that makes you greasy—into soap—the stuff that makes you clean. Sounds simple enough, right? Well there is more to soap than meets the eye. Did you know that, in reality, soap is a foaming salt? Indeed, soap has crystalline qualities, which means that boiling soap together with sugars and alcohol makes it as transparent as a window.

You see, when you combine an acid and a base, they neutralize each other, and what results is a salt. Soap, therefore, is the product of acidic oils and alkaline solution. The process is not unlike the hallowed scales of justice: if you want the ultimate bar of soap, then oil and alkali must reach equilibrium.

The remaining unsaponified oils are referred to as free fatty acids. They enhance the moisturizing qualities associated with high caliber soaps; however, too many free fatty acids mean that the soap will not lather and won’t keep for long on the shelf. Extra alkali (free alkali) can irritate sensitive skin. In fact, it is estimated that 25% of people suffer from the harsh, drying effects of free alkali in normal soaps. At Vermont Soap Organics, we include just the right amount of oil and absolutely no appreciable free alkali. This makes for a mild yet effective soap.

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